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Continuous Protection. Exceptional Savings. Rolling and Annual Contracts

Premier Security services for all Commercial Customers.

 Services Included 

CCTV towers, CCTV Systems, Manned Guarding and Live Continuous Monitoring

Specialist Examination of the area before installing CCTV Towers or CCTV systems

At a suitable time for you a specialist travels to your premises to analyse how the CCTV tower & security system can  be configured to your needs


Continuous CCTV Monitoring

Our surveillance systems continuously monitor all areas required by the client. Our staff regularly undergo training in all aspects of security procedures.

Rapid response

Our rapid response teams are ready to respond whenever an alert has been raised. These respond teams can be on sites in around 20 minutes and can range from one operator to several operators.

Manned Guarding

Manned Guard Services

Even if technology succeeds everywhere today, manned security doesn’t lose it’s importance. We fully appreciate the requirements of the client and thus, offer extremely high levels of manned guard services from concierge, construction sites, warehousing and public houses.